Valve Springs

Investing everything to reach the height of spring making.
Suncall produces high-strength springs used for engine intake and exhaust valves. No fatigue failure should occur over 100 million cycles - that is the absolute requirement for valve springs, which makes them top-grade springs. In order to maintain this quality, Suncall invested original techniques and know-how into every process throughout its extraordinary system that produces valve springs from raw materials with a single production line. Our dedication to quality materials and machining has enabled us to accommodate the rigorous demands of engines, which increasingly require better output and fuel efficiency

Valve cotters

Fewer processes and higher quality through precision shaped materials.
This product is used to secure engine intake-exhaust valves and spring bearings in severe operating environments. Two valve cotters are mounted to each valve and are used in various types of engines, such as those for automobiles, motorcycles and boats, in which precision and strength are required to ensure that the engines themselves conform to respective regulations. We cut precision shaped materials into approximate shapes using a press, and because machining is made unnecessary, are able to realize improved quality, stability and high levels of productivity.

Drive Plates

Superior drive plates from superior drive ring gears.
These products use advanced welding technology to integrate our company’s ring gears with plates. They operate to transmit torque from the engine to the transmission. The drive plates rotate as long as the engine is running, for which high durability and highly precise weight balance are required. In order for this, quality assurance is ensured (such as for balance) by way of total inspections performed using our company’s uniquely developed inspection devices. Superior functionality is achieved even for durability evaluations.

Ring Gears

Integrated with Suncall’s core technologies.
Rings with extremely circular shapes processed with precision shaped materials using our unique technology are processed into gears. These are important parts which are used for engine starter gears. Various types of gear cutting to suit customer applications and needs are available, including helical machining for smooth and quiet engine starts, as well as chamfering for smooth gear meshing. Our company maintains a supply and backup network of production bases around the globe.

Spiral springs for variable valve timing system

Our company’s unique patented manufacturing method that meets the needs of our generation.
These are used for the intake-exhaust variable valve timing mechanisms of 4-cycle reciprocating engines. Although helical torsion springs have been used conventionally, with the need to create more compact engines, these have been switched to space-saving spiral springs which are able to provide high levels of torque. In order to achieve the functionality required of these springs, production is performed using our unique patented manufacturing process.

Transmission springs

Increased safety and comfort using technology cultivated for valve springs.
Our company produces various high strength springs for use in automatic transmissions, such as damper springs, return springs, and accumulator springs. Here, we have applied our company’s technology cultivated through our development of valve springs to provide drivers with enhanced safety and comfortability. We have also succeeded in making spring heights more compact through precision shaped material processing of both solid copper wire and oval-shaped cross-sections, which in turn contribute to making transmissions more compact.

Wave rings/wave springs

Featuring small gaps and large power.
These feature the stress of a large spring in only a small space. By switching out disc springs for wave springs, a higher load can be achieved, yet with the same height. And, by switching out multi-row springs for wave springs, a load equal to or higher than that of multi-row springs can be achieved. Furthermore, because coiling is performed using shaped materials, material losses can be drastically reduced.

Shaped Rings (snap rings)

Material loss is prevented and processes are reduced by utilizing our core technologies.
Our shaped materials for bending processes feature our unique coiling technology which can be used for processing ring shapes with extremely high levels of circularity. Thanks to this, the production of rings is possible in which material loss levels are much lower than that of when press-punch processing for sheet materials is used. Both ends of the ring can be simultaneously shaped as desired and, since burr removal is not required, processes can be reduced. Shaped rings produced in this manner can be used as snap rings or spacers for spring retention in transmissions or bearings.

Accordion springs

Difficult-to-manufacture thin plates made to specification.
These bellows-shaped springs are used in various types of automobiles as parts for automatic transmissions. Highly elastic thin plates formed from difficult-to-machine 0.05 mm plates can be manufactured with stability into complex shapes using our company’s unique forming die layouts. While manufacturing according to the exact designs of customers is possible, we can also provide original designs that take stress mitigating treatments into consideration to match specifications.

Boot clamps

Providing the superior levels of work efficiency and sealing required for automobiles.
These are used in automobile constant velocity joints. Special tools are not required for installation. Fastening with high levels of sealing can be performed just by pulling with a simple jig, enabling work times to be significantly shortened. Sizes can be easily adjusted during manufacturing.